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A notorious Mexican cartel at the height of its power is brought down by a mole from a rival gang. The patriarch of the cartel, though ruthless in business is only tender and loving to his only daughter. As a child she witnesses the murder of her father by a trusted member of the inside circle. The girl barely escapes and goes into exile. Years later, the girl grows up into a strong willed woman who plans revenge on the new cartel leader run by the traitor. The cattle has overrun the government and has gotten out of control, it's violent strong arm leaving a trail of bloodlust leaving the country in disarray and fear. The girl along with a band of rogue militants infiltrate the cartel bringing an onslaught of their own brand of unforgiving violence to slowly cripple the evil empire and to bring about avenge the death of her father. South32 has potentials to win an academy awards and bring in billions of dollars in revenue. For more information checkout the website

Kari Bian is an amazing movie producer.

In his last movie David and Fatima starring the academy award winner Martin Landau he won over 7 awards And was called for an interview by foreign press.

South32 movie is going to be an amazing best movie of 2015. South32 premiers on Dec 10th 2015 in Beverly Hills California 90210
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